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In the land of cheese, chocolates, and cuckoo clocks, a little Jewish baby was born. But alas, he was not raised to ski, blow on the alphorn, or to eat Fleishchaas once a week. His childhood found him in apartheid era South Africa, unfortunately ignorant to the happenings around him. Life included wearing uniforms to school, birthday parties, and trips to national game reserves to see springbok, giraffes, and wildebeest. But his adventures did not stop there. In the early nineties you could find him in the holy land wearing gas masks, eating falaffel, and floating in the Dead Sea. High school found him both in Wisconsin and Staten Island, New York. 
Nowadays, Omri resides in Washington Heights, listening to flop musical showtunes, cooking varieties of food, and writing musicals.
He is a versatile character actor, specializing in comic roles, but occasionaly can be seen in a role acting vulnerable and/or stoic.
Omri also has an MFA in Musical Theatre from San Diego State University and can and has taught musical theatre at the college level.
He also is an active lyricist and book-writer working on numerous projects. For more information, check out the WRITER page.
Feel free to contact him as he enjoys receiving e-mails. He remains little and Jewish to this day.

CONTACT: omrischein@yahoo.com

"Omri Schein has reached the point where he can just enter a room and get a laugh...(San Diego Reader)."